The Village Bike, Lortel Theatre, New York – review

June 10, 2014 10:50 PM

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Women crave sex. This is news? Some of the reviews from London, where Penelope Skinner’s The Village Bike premiered at the Royal Court in 2011, made it seem as if this theme were stereotype-upending. Yet for decades the most popular magazines and fiction aimed at women would have us believe that they lust after little else. So where, in this American production from MCC Theater, marking the off-Broadway debut of indie-movie darling Greta Gerwig, is the thrill?

In fact, the excitement lies not in the avidity with which Becky (the Gerwig character) pursues satisfaction, but in the skill with which Skinner handles a broader theme: the desire, lurking not only in women, for sexual release as well as relationship stability.

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