Viking's Choice: Tau Cross, 'Fire In The Sky'

April 14, 2015 5:44 PM

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The song came about after some investigation into the life of Jack Parsons, one of the founders of JPL or Jet Propulsion Laboratories in L.A. As well as being directly responsible for the propulsion that put man (allegedly) on the moon, Parsons was also a practicing occultist, working alongside his sidekick, one L. Ron Hubbard (later the founder of Scientology), in performing Magikal rituals.

One of these rituals was concerned with the generation of Babalon, a continuation of the Alamantra works practiced by Crowley back in 1918, to open portals between this world and those parallel. Crowley and Parsons were correspondents, although Crowley was firmly set against Hubbard and Jack Parsons...

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