Vegetarianism and a Clash of Cultures

September 2, 2014 6:37 PM

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Vegetarianism and a Clash of Cultures

This past summer, a few weeks before my nineteenth birthday, I became a vegetarian. It was an abrupt transition - one day, I just decided to stop eating meat. I was taking a philosophy course, you see, and I was reading Peter Singer and other such philosophers, and I arrived at the conclusion that I couldn't justify causing unnecessary suffering. It is unnecessary, after all - we live in a day and age where it is no longer necessary to eat meat to survive.

But this isn't a treatise on vegetarianism. Before I go any further, though, let me explain the caveat in my argument, and that is the word "unnecessary." I have now gone without meat for over a month, and I'm doing surprisingly okay. But this is a luxury that I can afford because of where I come fr...

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