Veerle Poupeye Charts a New, More Dynamic Path for the National Gallery of Jamaica and Explains Why Female Artists Should Continually Strive for Excellence

January 12, 2015 2:14 PM

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The greatest misconception that people have about Jamaican art, says Dr. Veerle Poupeye, Executive Director of the National Gallery of Jamaica, comes from trying to narrow down the definition of what, exactly, Jamaican art is. "Trying to do that is just an exercise in futility," maintains Poupeye, "because there is an open-endedness and a 'cosmopolitan-ness' to what it means to be Jamaican and, consequently, to the art that Jamaicans produce. Jamaican identity is quite diverse, and to try and narrow down what Jamaican art is, is to simplify the very meaning of what it is to be Jamaican and the work that Jamaican artists are doing right now."

Poupeye should know. She and her team have just staged the triumphant Jamaican Biennial 2014, which runs from December 7, 2014 to March 15, 2015. Significantly, this is a Biennial that leaves the confines of the National Gallery of Jamaica proper, travelling out onto the streets of Kingston, to hist...

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