Unplugged | Kristen Noel

August 2, 2014 1:28 PM

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Unplugged | Kristen Noel

What does unplugged really mean anyway? If you have a teenager in residence -- that's a pretty easy question to answer. Imagine the shock and awe of disabling their electronic devices, all of them. Alas, sometimes, we have to turn those questions on ourselves. On a recent camping trip, I found myself lavishing in an early morning cup of coffee on the porch of the "Gathering Place," a charming little building on the campsite grounds that serves coffee and sugary pastries by morning, homemade ice cream by night (my kind of camping). Here, one can stop by to provision for ice and firewood, play board games on rainy days or, more commonly, log onto the free Wifi and recharge the batteries of our electronics. God forbid, we lose our last bar.

On that particular morning, perhaps it was the endless cacophony of birds on the shoreline outside my tent at some ungodly hour, or the chipmunk that made his way into (yes, you read that correctly) our tent -- regardless, I wasn't going back to sleep. Ironically, I could sleep soundly amongst the s...

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