Unparalleled Height: Rock Band or Superheroes?

April 20, 2015 2:58 PM

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If there was not a reason for keeping music in the schools before, here is an example of why music programs are important: Unparalleled Height. This is a band of young guys that all started playing music at an early age. Most of the group members learned about music through the school music department. In my opinion, they play like they are a seasoned rock band. In reality, their first tour will be this year. They have done a few albums and played some shows; however, this summer will be like their final exam before they graduate to being true blue rock stars.

The band members still have day jobs. Tyler, the guitarist, is in the Marines. The drummer, Justin, is a personal trainer. Everyone else is pretty secretive about their occupation. I suspect that they either are ninjas or superheroes.

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