Unfriended: The First 'Found Facebook' Horror Film

April 16, 2015 10:16 PM

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When I saw Unfriended with actual friends last night, I was expecting two hours (actually 88 minutes) of cheap thrills and lame gimmicks. After all, the story plays out entirely on a single teenager's computer monitor -- involving a dizzying array of social media platforms -- and rips the issue of cyber-bullying straight from the headlines. The marketing campaign even included a fake Facebook page and viral video. Could it pander to teenagers any more?

But instead of being just a flat rip-off of current trends, this first film from writer/producer Nelson Greaves is surprisingly inventive, eerie, and fresh -- even throwing in some Final Destination-style gore for folks who need that kind of roughage in their horror diets. (Others agree: It got an 8...

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