Uncovering Sphinxes from 1923 'The Ten Commandments'

October 17, 2014 1:28 PM

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Uncovering Sphinxes from 1923 'The Ten Commandments'

After being buried for more than 90 years beneath the sand dunes of Guadalupe, California, a towering sphinx from a blockbuster film "The Ten Commandments" has been uncovered and is being restored. Check out these photos of the sphinx and excavation. [Read full story on the 'Ten Commandments' sphinxes]

A man poses in front of one of the sphinxes from "The Ten Commandments" after filming in 1923. The movie showcased one of the largest film sets ever made because no real special effects were used, though Jell-O was used as an effect during the film's Biblical parting of the Red Sea. (Photo Credit: D...

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