Typos in Online Dating Profiles Don't Matter (Much)

October 15, 2014 1:47 PM

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I read all my emails and texts and tweets at least twice before sending them. When I discover that I've let a typo slip through, I'm horrified. Finding one in my online dating profile would cause double the dread, as these portraits are meant to be one's best face. An embedded error suggests lack of competence, consideration, or both. And I read others' profiles in the same light. The more typos pile up, the more points I deduct.

But I'm a writer and editor--and at that I'm one who cares about things like the order of the question mark and exclamation point when combined. (Question mark first.) So maybe I'm in the minority with my typo-turnoffs. Recently I talked with my friend Spencer Greenberg, an applied mathematician and...

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