Two new TV sleuths: an immortal and a genius

September 22, 2014 8:26 AM

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In ABC’s “Forever,” the lead character, Ioan Gruffudd’s Henry Morgan, is a smarty pants who can deduce a lot about a person from his or her clothing, diction, and hygiene. With a quick glance at a stranger’s fingers, for example, he can tell from the indentations that she is a professional cello player. Plus, dude can’t die. He lives on, solving mysteries decade after decade by using logic, intuition, and a rather tart style of delivery.

In other words, he’s an awful lot like Sherlock Holmes, the legendary Arthur Conan Doyle sleuth. Sherlock is still very much alive on TV these days, with two specifically Sherlock series, “Elementary” and “Sherlock,” plus an army of Sherlock-like crime solvers featured on the likes of “The Mentalist...

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