TV Review: ‘Secrets and Lies’

March 1, 2015 6:17 PM

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TV Review: ‘Secrets and Lies’

Better than “Gracepoint” and not as compelling as “Broadchurch,” ABC’s “Secrets and Lies” is a solid, twisty version of the increasingly popular murdered-kid-sets-series-in-motion formula, with Ryan Phillippe as the seemingly ordinary family man who discovers the body and quickly becomes a target of police suspicion. Juliette Lewis lends additional star power to the proceedings as the detective working the case, but this is fairly familiar turf. Bringing viewers to the show will likely be a challenge for the network, but those who do sample the opening hours should be intrigued enough to want to see where the trail leads.

Adapted from an Australian series (joining NBC’s “The Slap” in that mini-wave), the show features Phillippe as Ben Crawford, a house painter who stumbles upon the dead body of a neighbor boy during his morning jog. In his efforts to revive the kid, he leaves all kinds of prints and evidence on the b...

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