TULA Skincare Founder Explains How Women Can Keep Aging Hands Looking Younger

July 14, 2014 8:08 PM

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GenFab blogger Holly Parper (front row on the left as a child) reflected on the way her mother fought her age through drastic cosmetic surgeries, while her great-grandmother Claudia (pictured) embraced her age: "My grandma never wore make up or dyed her head full of white hair. She didn’t fuss about wrinkles or the extra pounds she had put on in her midlife... To me, she was the most beautiful person on earth." To read more of her story, visit her blog, "Hmmm... Holly."

Reflecting on how age and accidents almost stripped away her identity as an athlete, Pat McKinzie says aging gracefully to her means "being myself, trying new things, traveling distant horizons, letting go of anger and forgiving others, because what the heck, we all say and do stupid things sometime...

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