Try Your Bagel With This on Top

February 9, 2015 6:48 PM

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Whether you enjoy bagels warm and toasted with a smear of cream cheese or like to swap them in for regular bread in sandwiches, bagels are a classic carb-lover's favorite food. However, all those carbs can add up in the calorie department, (especially since the size of bagels these days has exploded!), with some packing over 300 calories each--and that's before toppings! So in honor of National Bagel Day, we've created 10 combos that will satisfy any bagel-lover for less than 300 calories each. Just start with half of a standard 3-inch diameter bagel -- bonus points for 100% whole grain -- and pick your favorite toppings below. Or, trade your half bagel in for a whole bagel thin for about the same number of calories.

Cucumber Dill and Cream Cheese: Toast the bagel half and top with 1.5 tablespoons of reduced fat cream cheese, 6 thin slices of cucumber and a teaspoon of chopped, fresh dill. 160 calories.

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