The Truth About Life and 'Death'

July 9, 2014 5:23 PM

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The Truth About Life and 'Death'

On the morning of June 16th I received a call from my father alerting me that my grandmother, whom we affectionately called Nanny, had passed away early that morning. After a two-year stint in a nursing home with round the clock care following a massive stroke which robbed her of her very essence, I selflessly and secretly celebrated her return home. More selfishly, or should I say humanly, I felt that dull, sad emptiness that we all experience when we lose a loved one. Though I felt sad for myself, I knew that Nanny was at peace with her beloved husband, parents, brother and other souls who had crossed over before her. I contemplated her transition through my knowing that we are infinite spiritual beings who incarnate into physical vehicles for a trip to earth with the goal of growth and evolution for our eternal spirits.

In the Jewish religion, a funeral service is planned rather quickly, and in this case we found ourselves at the funeral service and greeting our fellow mourners only 24 hours after receiving the news. On the way to the funeral home I expressed to my mother that my grandmother, her mother-in-law, was...

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