Trusting What I Cannot See

August 28, 2014 3:28 PM

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On a recent vacation to Vancouver, my family and I decided to climb Grouse Grind, which is dubbed as Mother Nature's largest stair master, numbering 2,830 steps. The steps spiraled up and the space between each stair required some interesting maneuvering. Midway through the hike, my legs started losing their focus. As I climbed each step, the trees shaded the path ahead. Although I could see what appeared directly in front of me, the path beyond a cluster of steps remained a mystery.

The obvious metaphor glared in my face. Everything about climbing these steps screamed one phrase: "It is all about the process." I've heard these words so many times in different contexts, but artists often gravitate toward this sentence because it helps them deal with the struggle in shaping their...

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