Trump On The Run on the App Store

April 22, 2016 2:15 PM

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Trump On The Run on the App Store

This game is well done; it has a strong satirical sense combined with the traditional toughness of Flappy Bird or "Helicopter" for the people of my day. Those two things out together can really prove your cause; the hardness of the game can subconsciously frustrate the player with connection to the real issue being scrutinized... and that's brilliant. But the ads are ridiculous. 15-30 second video ads after 3 tries? (tries go by fairly quickly). It's absolutely disgusting. That and the delayed picture ad on startup (it normally pops up in the middle of your first try) makes this game completely appalling. 1 star.

It's ok I guess. I really wish you would put less ads. And maybe make it to were you actually jump over the wall. It's annoying when you jump over the wall and it says you died. And maybe make more courses were you could like have a snowy level... A sandy level... A presidential election level... A ...

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