True Blood: "Fire in the Hole"

July 7, 2014 4:08 PM

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True Blood: "Fire in the Hole"

Sometimes, a series wraps itself up in a way that’s fair to both the web it weaves and the fans who’ve remained loyal since the first episode—The Sopranos, Friends, Breaking Bad, etc. And then sometimes, there are shows that have survived nearly a decade that fizzle out with lukewarm plotlines, throw unnecessary monkey wrenches at its characters just for the sake of doing so and self-implode over the course of a few selfish, bad decisions made by sub-par writers, short-sighted directors and a cast that really doesn’t care anymore. (Still mad about the Lost finale? You’re not alone.)

It looks as though True Blood is inching its way towards being the latter, as the first three episodes of its final season have done little more than disappoint and kill off reasons to remain invested in its eminent demise. Losing Tara before the credits rolled in the season premiere was one thing. ...

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