A Triple Dog Dare

October 6, 2014 3:59 PM

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A Triple Dog Dare

We were active boys. We spent our days drinking from the hose, mooning friends and taking every opportunity to pants each other. We spent most of our lives outside in the real world. We terrorized neighborhoods in the right way. We played guitar, fell out of trees and lit our modified fireworks on the 5th of July. We broke our own bones, ripped apart ligaments and dislocated sockets. We beat ourselves up, we picked at our scabs, we flaunted our bruises and, when we got home, the most loving words bellowed from the kitchen, "GET IN THE SHOWER!"

Spanking was common, and it was the preferred method to settle our business with mom or dad. All friends were created equal. Everyone was subject to a whooping. Each parent measured each infraction differently. There was nothing fair about discipline. Discipline was the consequence of stupid choices...

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