A Tribute to Michael Jackson on the Other Michael Jackson’s Birthday

August 29, 2014 8:39 PM

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Today marks what would be the King of Pop’s 56th birthday. The imitable artist gave us the moonwalk, his signature crotch-grab, chart-topping dance hits like “Thriller” and short-lived fashion trends like the one-handed glittery glove and throwing blankets over small children. Since Michael Jackson’s death in 2007, the world has yet to witness another pop icon grab the throne. So on this celebratory day of remembrance for the tastemaker, it would be wrong to forget to pay tribute to the other Michael Jackson; the humble doyen of craft beers and one of the primary influencers behind why your local bar serves shitty lager on the same menu as microbrews. Without him, we’d all be drinking swill without the right to consider quality alternatives.

In order to pay proper tribute, we must start at the very beginning. Michael Jackson was a bearded British man with a strong, burning love for beer; the kind of passion that trumped the demanding thirsts of Trappist monks and fraternity brothers combined. His fervor for the genre and research around...

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