At Tribeca: "Aphasia" Warns, "If the Apple Watch Gives You the Heebie-Jeebies Now, Just Wait until 2018!"

April 25, 2015 3:40 PM

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"The filmmakers respectfully ask the media to not discuss the film's ending" is a sentence included in the press notes for Luke LoCurcio's twelve-minute short "Aphasia." Now since aphasia means the sudden inability to communicate, whether through speech, writing, or even sign language, while not losing one's intelligence, and there's only one main character in the film, unless you can't put 6 and 7.2359 together and come up with 13.2359, you will probably have already guessed the finale. If not, I have no doubt you watched Titanic and was caught off guard that a ship sinks and Leo dies. You probably also pondered why Frozen isn't set in Miami Beach.

To keep the secret from those of us with a slightly higher IQ or a dictionary app on our iPhones, I would advise the creative powers involved to immediately rename their entertaining product "Apricot" or "A Dating Film without Ashton Kutcher."

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