Trespass - Exploring Centralia, PA

November 21, 2014 8:36 PM

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When I found out I would be taking a trip up to Pennsylvania to shoot a few locations, one of them that immediately popped into my mind was Centralia (not spelled Centrailia, the sign above is misspelled for some reason). For those who don't know of this place, Centralia is a borough in Columbia County, PA. which in 1962 had a population of around 1,100 and as of now has only 10 residents who refuse to leave. It has been stripped of a zip code, mail does not run, buildings and homes have been demolished and roads now lead off to nowhere. There are no stores, no schools... nothing. It is a ghost town with a few exceptions.

Centralia is a coal mining town, and back in 1962 a fire broke out in one of the underground mines. It was believed to have started from a landfill, which they were burning, that was not fully extinguished and the fire entered into an unsealed opening which lead to the abandoned coal mine beneath. T...

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