Transform Self-Sabotage and Vulnerability Into Triumphant Growth

January 20, 2015 4:56 PM

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The positive shift in energy in 2015 has been palpable. Last year, starting on Jan. 1, I knew I was in for a year of major growth and mandatory shifting as well as pure pain: intense suffering. Words can't fully describe the wounding and gut-wrenching realizations and decisions that occurred in 2014. The emotional grief was so intense at times that I was immobilized. I was grateful to have a business that I could practically put on pause... I didn't have to grow and I was able to work on my terms with amazing women, a welcome distraction from the reality of my personal life. I put my growth as an entrepreneur and author on complete hold while I cocooned with my three children to heal.

I have suffered but am on the other side of sadness and pain, feeling more joyful and optimistic than ever. Thank goodness!

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