Trailer Talk: 'Fantastic Four' Reboot May Be 'Doomed'

April 19, 2015 10:30 PM

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For the record, when one discusses a trailer, one must acknowledge the fact that the people who cut together a trailer are attempting to sell one version of the final product, a version that may not resemble said final product. Sometimes the trailer makes a movie look better (The Avengers from 1998), sometimes the final product surpasses the trailer campaign (The Avengers from 2012). The big buzzy moments from this trailer are of course full-blown action sequences involving all four cosmetically altered superheros (including The Thing) as well as a brief appearance from Dr. Doom or whatever he’s going to be called in this version. The scale looks impressive, the special effects look solid, and the acting is fine. But this second trailer, arguably intended for the general audiences who flock to Avengers 2 (as opposed to the somewhat geekier audiences who flocked to Kingsman: The Secret Service), sells a frankly less exciting and more generic film than the initial teaser.

The first trailer was basically all narration and creepy imagery, suggesting hard sci-fi and a bit of body horror thrown in. Come what may, that Fantastic Four did a good job of separating itself from the pack. This this longer sell represents nothing less than The Amazing Spider-Man, and not in a g...

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