Touching the Veil of Thin Places

December 3, 2014 8:59 PM

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I have been places where I feel that my heart is being cleaved open so that pain can escape and joy flood in. The sensation can come to me on a long walk in the mountains or in the forest, or standing on a deserted beach and feeling the tide roll over my feet, and can even appear under the harsh lights of a hospital room watching someone dear stoically take his last breath. I was reading an article yesterday, when I came across a Celtic expression that beautifully encapsulates what I've always thought to be true.

The Celtic Christians believed that there were mystical spaces, called "thin places," where the veil between the holy and the human is traversed. A place in which the physical and spiritual worlds are knit together, and if we are so attuned, we can transcend the ordinary for a glimpse of the infinit...

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