Top Tips on How to Film Preschoolers

January 8, 2015 7:31 PM

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Two weeks before filming the game trailer for our alphabet and phonics learning app for preschoolers, we scheduled a team brainstorming hour to decide what we wanted to capture. The meeting lasted just 10 minutes as one of our developers had a cracker idea. He described two kids in a white studio, one painting the other who stood in the shape of a letter. It was a brilliant concept that reflected our game's sense of fun and play, where kids color in and personalize a letter with eyes, mouths, crazy hats and digital stickers.

But... as a parent of two little ones with some experience filming kids, I envisaged practical problems: the painting getting out of control, kids clothes and the white studio covered in thick paint and the constant washing of tiny arms and legs coated in paint.

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