The Top of The Ferris Wheel

September 3, 2014 9:27 PM

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The Top of The Ferris Wheel

There I stood at the foot of the Ferris wheel trying to decide what to do. The idea of leaving Aaron alone, where I could see him but not reach him if he needed me, frightened me more than was probably healthy. The simple idea of getting on the Ferris wheel brought back the childhood panic of being stuck at the top with my sister wildly rocking the seat and pretending to fall out. Ending this outing with Nic crumbling into a ball of anxiety and overload was too much to bear. I needed to make a decision, now. Face my fears or deal with the consequences.

Usually, I avoid anything that creates even the remote possibility that I will be on an amusement ride. The boys had been so excited about going to the festival and riding the rides. It had been months since Nic had a big meltdown. I didn't want to disappoint the boys; I wanted Nic to have the chanc...

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