Top 6 Components of a Safe Workout

April 6, 2015 8:01 PM

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Safety barring any other aspect of an exercise program is the No. 1 priority both in the short and long term. Longevity and quality of life as a result of your workouts and your total wellness plan is the name of the game. The objective is to challenge yourself for a given workout at a high level for YOU at your fitness level, work hard and above all work smart. Pain is always your body's method of communication, and if it comes on, listen to your body. You want as a result of each workout and event to be stronger and better for your next bout of physical activity and ongoing. Should you exert yourself? Yes, absolutely... at an APPROPRIATE level and activity for you.

That said, here are the top Robert Reames ("RR") six components to a SAFE and effective workout. (These are not in any particular order because all are important.)

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