The Top 3 Myths of Adrenal Fatigue

November 20, 2014 10:55 PM

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Do you tend to gain weight easily? Ever feel weak, tired, stressed, anxious, or dizzy? Some would say you have adrenal fatigue. Today, people talk freely about their adrenal glands being shot or fatigued, and there is growing industry of supplements called adrenal tonics. Meanwhile, conventional doctors claim there is no such thing as adrenal fatigue. [1] Who is right, and most importantly, how can you thrive under the stress of modern life?

The adrenal glands are two small lumps of tissue on top of our kidneys. They produce cortisol and other various hormones, which control our energy, weight, and stress response. There are situations in which these glands stop working, the main example being adrenal insufficiency, also called Addison'...

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