Too many great shows, not enough spots, and some dumb choices

July 10, 2014 2:49 PM

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Too many great shows, not enough spots, and some dumb choices

It should be easy to feel sympathy for Emmy voters in 2014. There is more good television now than ever before, available in more places (including non-traditional streaming video outfits like Netflix and Amazon) than ever before. There is abundant category confusion, where a show like "Shameless" can jump from drama to comedy after presenting its bleakest season ever, where "True Detective" can be considered as a drama series while "American Horror Story" is a miniseries even though the two shows have the same basic structure, where the fourth season of "Tremé" has to be considered a miniseries because it didn't produce enough episodes to qualify elsewhere, where voters are asked to consider what Jim Parsons does on "Big Bang Theory" in the same context of what Louis C.K. does as an actor on "Louie."

It is an impossible job, really. Even TV critics whose sole job is to watch this stuff don't have time to remotely see all of it, and we're just as confused as everyone else by this blurring of genre and format lines. Even in the quaint old days when the broadcast networks and maybe HBO were the onl...

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