The Toll Of Cholera, in 1832 And In 2010

October 17, 2014 3:52 PM

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Ebola may be the latest never-before-seen pathogen spreading out of control in impoverished communities devastated by conflict and environmental catastrophe -- but it’s not the first. Four years ago this week, a similarly virulent pathogen, expert at preying upon societies where poor sanitation, crowding, and mistrust reign, devastated an island-nation just 800 miles off the coast of Florida, in an out-of-control epidemic that continues to this day.

Vibrio cholerae hadn’t been reported in Haiti in over a hundred years when it struck in October 2010, 10 months after a magnitude-7 earthquake hit Port-au-Prince. The bacterial pathogen caused one of the most deadly and rapidly killing diseases known to humankind: cholera. Without rapid treatment, c...

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