Time Release | Helen Eisenbach

August 9, 2014 2:53 AM

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Time Release | Helen Eisenbach

After opens like a horror story. An ominous undertow pervades its early frames, giving us the feeling we are watching a scary movie that will tighten its screws and escalate our dread until something too terrifying to endure occurs. The scare doesn't entirely dissipate, but it is eventually displaced by a family saga that stubbornly refuses to lose our interest. Under Pieter Gaspersz's direction, the cast (including Pablo Schreiber, John Doman, Kathleen Quinlan, Diane Neal, Adam Scarimbolo, Darin Dewitt Henson and Sabrina Gennarino, the film's author and co-producer) provide ample reason to keep watching.

A quietly absorbing indie, the picture hides its secrets in plain sight. The tale of a large, tight but fractured working class clan, After uses the mystery of its unspecified central trauma to propel us through its plot, but the calibrated dispensing of withheld information is unnecessary, a distra...

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