Time-Lapse Video: A Young Man Transforms Into a Drag Queen

November 4, 2014 10:54 PM

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Time-Lapse Video: A Young Man Transforms Into a Drag Queen

I've always been fascinated with the transformation of butterflies -- how a baby larva eats himself into becoming an earth-bound caterpillar, which then bundles up on a leaf for a couple of weeks and emerges into an incredibly colorful, stunning being of flight. This makes absolutely no sense to me but in turn depicts the wondrous and mysterious ways of the universe. In 1774, French chemist Antoine Lavoisier was one of the first to express the law of conservation of mass, which implies that mass can neither be created nor destroyed but simply becomes rearranged in space. This brilliant and important notion has stuck with me since it was taught to me in junior high school, and, interestingly, it finds its way into many aspects and perspectives of my life and work.

The Metamorphosis project is about celebrating transformation and self-expression -- how when the outside morphs, the inside follows. Often, when society views us a certain way, we feel and act accordingly, and we then tend to express ourselves creatively to craft the eye of others upon us. Our mass...

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