Three children have died in Minnesota from virulent seasonal flu strain H3

December 30, 2014 9:29 AM

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Three children in Minnesota have died after catching seasonal flu strain H3. The health officials are warning the parents about the virulent seasonal flu strain. Seven other children are treated in the intensive care unit at the Children`s Hospital at St. Paul for the parallel reasons. According to the health officials this flu can prove fatal for high risk group like children or older people if necessary actions is not taken. This year this strain has proved fatal for children with no health problems. According to a released data by Minnesota Department of Health around 50% of the students of all ages were absent from their educational institution due to flu related illness. In a statement an Infectious Diseases Physician from the Mayo Clinic Dr. Pritish Tos said, “This year’s flu strain is especially dangerous and can quickly accelerate to a life-threatening situation in children”. He then added, “The virus can enter the blood stream and then the brain, resulting in severe respiratory distress including a high fever and shortness of breath”.

The Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) has asked the general public to remain cautious and take necessary actions to minimize the risk of getting flue. They are asking general people to take vaccination, wash their hands with warm water and soaps. They are also asking them to stay awa...

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