These Days, Artists Assume their Primary Dealers Will Work for Them on the Secondary Market, Too

September 19, 2014 5:16 PM

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When artists agree to be represented by a gallery, they usually work out with the gallery owner - formally or informally - the terms of their understanding: the amount of the dealer's commission; how often their work will be exhibited in solo or group shows; the price of their artworks and the permitted range of discounts for buyers; whether or not there will be advertising and who pays for it; whether or not the artist-dealer relationship is exclusive. That sort of thing.

Another expectation, which may or may not be stated explicitly, is that the dealer will keep track of the artist's work even after it has been sold. And more than just keep track but try to find buyers for works on the secondary market, even bidding up pieces themselves when artworks are consigned t...

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