These Are The Brave And Beautiful Faces Of At-Risk LGBT Youth

February 17, 2015 3:41 PM

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These Are The Brave And Beautiful Faces Of At-Risk LGBT Youth

Brown is a mezzo soprano vocalist and violinist based in Baltimore, Maryland. Brown began playing the violin at the age of 10 years old and was partaking in competitions at 14. Brown, who referred to herself as an "androgynous" child, channels masculine and feminine qualities in her voice to give it its unique character. As Baltimore Vocal Arts Foundation founder Robyn Stevens said, "It's very powerful, with the cartilage and larynx of a man, but with a feminine quality. The timbre is unique." Brown became the first transgender person to perform for a living president when she sang the National Anthem to Barack Obama and is currently working to secure a $3,500 deposit to become the first trans woman to sing at Carnegie Hall during LGBT Pride Month. "I would want nothing more than to sing and or play on the greatest stages and concert halls around the world," she told The Huffington Post.

While some view transgender identity as crossing from one gender to another, Cassils breaks down binaries to create a vision of continuous -- and sometimes slippery -- becoming. "I use my physical body as sculptural mass to rupture societal norms," Cassils stated to HuffPost. "Drawing on conceptuali...

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