There Truly Is No Place Like Homeland

October 8, 2014 8:25 PM

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There Truly Is No Place Like Homeland

Ever since Homeland premiered, fans of Showtime's extraordinary gem have been dying to say it "Jumped The Shark." This isn't really surprising -- since thanks to the internet everyone thinks their opinion matters. Unfortunately the world is filled with haters and followers and the minute anyone says anything negative, the rest of the sheep in this world can't wait to jump on board. Every show seems to "jump the shark" after the pilot thanks to twitter and fan forums these days.

But, with Homeland, fans were particularly eager to throw it under the bus. Which makes sense- we live in a world that celebrates mediocrity. Homeland is just way too good for its audience. This is the classic case of pearls before swine and the world doesn't deserve such an amazing show. It has man...

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