There's Something Else Going On

November 24, 2014 3:00 AM

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There's Something Else Going On

After the hot mess that was last week's episode, Saul is still being held tight in the Taliban's (re: Haqqani's) grasp and the embassy is going through with Haqqani's trade. Five imprisoned members of Haqqani's guard are being given over in exchange for Saul and everyone is less than enthused. Aggravated by it all, Lockhart is fuming at Carrie when she keeps mentioning an alternate plan that she has yet to flesh out. In addition, Lockhart highly doubts the veracity of Aasar Khan's claims that Dennis Boyd is the embassy leak. All I know is that someone needs to wring Dennis' neck soon because that guy is awful -- in every facet of his life.

In the first attempt to get Dennis to admit his treason, Redmond gets him into the office under the guise of asking him a personal question. Redmond quickly jumps into talking about Sandy, illegal transfers of information, and how the information has been sourced back to Martha's, the ambassador, co...

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