There's a Rock Band Named Black Pu**y

March 18, 2015 5:05 PM

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There's a Rock Band Named Black Pu**y

Three years ago this spring, I was attacked by a livery cabdriver in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He was driving me home and after some number of blocks he pulled over, climbed into the back seat, and got on top of me. I hit and screamed, and in a gesture that didn't seem entirely my own, threw my hands above my head, found the car door handle, and used it to open the door and pull myself out.

I walked away, calling the NYPD. The driver would try and coax me back into the car before driving off. Two NYPD officers arrived and asked me some questions. After 10 minutes more of driving around looking for the guy, they told me they were going to put me in a cab home.

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