There's Another Kind of Embargo We Need to Address in Cuba

January 14, 2015 3:44 PM

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I've generally been in support of more open U.S. relations with Cuba: A change would be good. It's about time, I often thought to myself. And I'd say that I'm still in support of change. But until the recent news regarding normalizing relations, I had never really been compelled to examine exactly how I truly felt (or thought) about that "change;" or what "change" really meant or would look like. Nor had I fathomed just how complex the issue was/is for me as a child of exiles, raised in Miami, who has traveled several times to the island.

Two days after the news from the White House on December 17th, I travel to visit my mother, who still lives in my childhood home in Miami. I walk into my old bedroom, the walls now covered by old photos she has hung up -- a tribute to our family's past. More so, a timeline: her as a little girl with...

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