There Is No Mystery to The Mysteries of Laura

September 24, 2014 4:48 PM

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There Is No Mystery to The Mysteries of Laura

The network fall television season is underway. I know this because NBC gave us a special sneak preview of its most heralded show this season, the Debra Messing vehicle, The Mysteries of Laura. I cannot deny that I have been chomping at the bit for the premiere of this show since I saw the "hilarious" poster all over Los Angeles and then New York City with the brilliant catch phrase, "Catching bad guys, Raising naughty ones." The discerningly thought-out poster has Messing standing spread out wearing a green sweater, blue jeans and a Peter Falk as Colombo-esque coat with her badge (I said "badge" not the "v" shortened lady part word that sounds similar) and gun hanging off her belt. On the left side she's cuffing a hardened criminal, and, since she works as a homicide detective, I assume it's a murderer. On the right side she's channeling an Adrian Peterson move by choking her two kids by grabbing their hoodies while her beautiful, ginger, freshly-washed and styled hair caresses over her shoulders. Because, as all of you working mothers know, there's always time for hair styling before taking your kids to school and then solving a murder at the office.

We all know the show is going to be horrid. The only question is, how horrid and would they even try to make it non-horrid (if that's even a word). Yes, I may be a snob from New York City who hasn't been to the Midwest very much, but I find it hard to believe that someone from Kansas is driving past...

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