Are there more Tanning Beds in the 'Sunshine State' than McDonald's?

December 27, 2013 12:47 AM

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It's been linked to skin cancer. An accelerated rate of aging. Too much sun just isn't good for you. And tanning beds? They're just as bad. We know that--just like smoking cigarettes (i.e., putting smoke and chemicals into your lungs) can give you lung cancer. (Heck, it's even written right there on the pack.) But we do it anyway because it looks cool, it hides cellulite, it makes you look younger before you'll ultimately look older or maybe because everyone's doing. And according to cancer research from Florida, it is probably a little bit of that last one.

The findings revealed that there are more tanning salons in the Sunshine State than there are McDonalds. (And whether you're a hillbilly or a millionaire, who here cannot say they haven't eaten a Big Mac at least once?) Translation: Floridians love to look tan, but do they really realize the price t...

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