There Has To Be A Special Place In Heaven For Robin Williams

August 14, 2014 12:22 PM

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While waiting for my grandson Stephen to return from day camp today at the Tynan School, in South Boston, everybody was talking about how Robin Williams touched, so many people from Boston's lives. He had time for everybody while filming "Good Will Hunting." "So much to live for, yet it's all mystery", one South Boston mother said to me. "It's always one day at a time isn't it," another grandmother said. "We've had our share of Hollywood celebrities over here, but we felt Robin Williams was one of us." "Ray, you should represent us at his funeral. He was like family," a Boston policeman said to us. The children were 50 minutes late, so the 20 or so parents and grandparents had plenty of time to discuss and reflect on the tragic and breaking news about Robin Williams tragic death. I even told them the story about how Robin called me one day while I was U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican, asking me, if I thought the Pope would ever meet with him. "Yes, of course. The Pope is a good and caring man, and so are you", I responded. Robin was always trying to make you laugh, so I never knew when he was serious. But after his suicide became public, more things about Robin became clearer to me.

When people feel stigmatized and don't know where to turn for support and understanding, maybe they will think of Robin Williams and feel that they are not alone and that other people do care. Every life is precious and we all depend on each other. To break the dependency on drugs or alcohol we turn...

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