Theater: "Wolf Hall" Thrills (A Little), "Skylight" Shines

April 10, 2015 7:35 AM

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The king must have a son. That's the simple, overriding fact that powers the action of the new drama Wolf Hall; that and the fact that King Henry VIII (Nathaniel Parker) has a wandering eye and once he's had a woman he loses interest. Perhaps, perhaps a woman that gave him a healthy son might hold it or at least officially remain his wife. But we'll never know. Instead we watch as the lowly born but very able Thomas Cromwell (Ben Miles) engineers scandal and intrigue and a break with Rome that almost sparks a massive war, not to mention numerous beheadings, all to keep his king happy. Or so it seems. Since we can't know Cromwell's heart, we'll never really know that either.

Don't worry if you haven't read the excellent, far superior novels by Hilary Mantel that this show is based on. Mike Poulton has adapted them in broad brushstrokes and director Jeremy Herrin keeps all the gossip and scandal and backstabbing moving along nicely. You'll easily follow the action. You j...

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