Theater: Nathan Lane & Matthew Broderick Kings Of Comedy! Again!; Wonderfully "Curious"

October 10, 2014 5:17 AM

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Is it the mysteriously magical pairing of Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick? Is it the uneasy times we are (always) in? Is it the economy, which is depressing if not officially Depression-ing? I don't know. But rarely if ever have I heard an audience hungrier for a show than the preview audience that greeted this one. The moment the lights began to dim, the buzzing crowd burst into loud applause. Yes! Yes! Make us laugh! Almost every actor got entrance applause, as if this were an old movie and we were seeing an imaginary depiction of how Broadway audiences used to act at a show. The only actor who didn't get entrance applause was the unknown Micah Stock and damned if he didn't get (deserved) exit applause.

Do you know where the laugh tracks from sitcoms came from? They were originally recordings of actual live audiences reacting in pleasure to the performance of a show. The audience at It's Only A Play is the sort of audience you'd want to record so you could play it back and make other shows seem fun...

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