Theater: "Early Shaker Spirituals" Are Resurrected; "Airline Highway" Pile-Up

April 27, 2015 3:48 AM

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It's a cruel irony that every piece of technology we create to capture the world around us usually kills off some earlier technology, trapping whatever work it contains in an outdated format that becomes all but lost to us. In turn, that new format is superseded by something else and everything it contains becomes trapped in an outdated format and essentially lost forever, like a museum no one will ever enter again, dusty and forgotten.

Look at music. Wax cylinders and 78s were a miracle that allowed more people to hear and enjoy great artists than ever before in history. At the same time, it (and piano rolls and other devices before it) killed off a tradition of communal singing and folk songs that had been handed down for thousan...

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