Theater: Bridget Everett Hits "Rock Bottom"

September 18, 2014 4:39 AM

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If the current incarnation of actress Melissa McCarthy were to launch a cabaret act, it would surely resemble Bridget Everett's Rock Bottom at Joe's Pub. I say "current incarnation" because I've found McCarthy a very appealing, sweetly sexy actress in the past, mostly on the delightful series Gilmore Girls. But since hitting the jackpot with Bridesmaids, McCarthy has specialized in lowbrow, lowest common denominator frat boy humor, turning herself into the female equivalent of Chris Farley when we never even needed a male equivalent of Chris Farley. It's dismaying.

Quite similarly, Everett has been crafting a cabaret persona for many years that is resolutely "shocking" and "vulgar" and "out there," a brassy broad who will say and do anything, mainly for audiences that are ready for exactly that. The obvious touchstone is Bette Midler, though Midler of course w...

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