Theater: "Almost Home" Never Arrives; "Rococo Rouge" Never Goes There

September 21, 2014 7:26 PM

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Theater: "Almost Home" Never Arrives; "Rococo Rouge" Never Goes There

War is always with us, so a play about war -- any war -- will always be relevant, unfortunately. Almost Home is set specifically during the Vietnam War and sets up a dichotomy between the kid who has returned from 'Nam in pain and needing somehow to talk and his father, a tight-lipped veteran of World War II who has never talked about what he went through. How's that going for him? Not so good. Dad Harry (Joe Lisi) can't get through the day without drinking, might have hit his wife and is addicted to gambling and up to his neck in debt to a crooked cop called Nick Pappas (James McCaffrey).

Well, that's not going to happen to Johnny (Jonny Orsini), not if his mom (the great Karen Ziemba) has anything to say about it. She wants Johnny to go to college almost as much as his inspiring school teacher Luisa Jones (Brenda Pressley). Johnny's going to go to college and Harry is going to stop ...

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