How Thanksgiving Tables And Traditions Got That Way

November 27, 2014 12:00 PM

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How Thanksgiving Tables And Traditions Got That Way

When it comes to setting our Thanksgiving table, most of us know very little about the history of the elements that decorate our tables. We spoke to Jim Baker, the author of "Thanksgiving: The Biography of an American Holiday," Richard Pickering, the Plimoth Plantation's deputy director and Amy Traverso, the senior lifestyle editor of Yankee Magazine for a mini-crash course in how our tables got this way -- and some myths about the first Thanksgiving.

"If you Google pilgrim paintings... there are these gorgeous 1930s paintings of Pilgrims sitting at a very long table and these beautiful Pilgrim women walking along the table with steaming turkeys, and there are a couple Native people sitting on the ground at the end of the table," says Pickering. ...

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