Termite Mounds Help to Prevent Desertification, Study Reveals

February 9, 2015 5:28 AM

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Thus, drylands hosting termite mounds are capable of maintaining a diversity of life, even though they receive significantly less rainfall. Corina Tarnita, a biologist with Princeton University stated “The vegetation on and around termite mounds persists longer and declines slower. Even when you get to such harsh conditions where vegetation disappears from the mounds, re-vegetation is still easier. As long as the mounds are there the ecosystem has a better chance to recover.”

According to Jef Huisman, an aquatic microbiology professor at Princeton “This is an eye-opening study that says we really need to investigate these ecosystems in more detail and incorporate all these other mechanisms before we can say what will lead to a catastrophic collapse in ecosystem function....

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