Terence Corcoran: WHO and World Bank fail Ebola crisis

October 14, 2014 11:32 PM

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Terence Corcoran: WHO and World Bank fail Ebola crisis

Countless bazillions have been spent over decades by the United Nations, the World Health Organization and the World Bank to save the world from climate change, tobacco, sugar, fast foods and poverty, but when a real-life health crisis lands the great global collective of do-gooding bureaucracies has failed miserably. The World Health Organization, mostly silent on Ebola until six months ago, has now plastered its Web side with Ebola wallpaper. The UN and World Bank are also now rushing to cover their positions despite their obvious inability to respond to the crisis.

If the WHO is good at anything, it’s distributing advocacy wordage by the pound, the kind of stuff nobody can eat or use to save a life. On August 28, months after the initial Ebola outbreak, the WHO produced an “Ebola Response Roadmap,” a 20-page document filled with bureaucratic wheeze. The WHO wo...

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